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Stunning Views

Our glass folding doors offer you protection from the elements, as well as robust securing while providing you with stunning scenery.

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Create beautiful airy rooms using our folding doors. Let natural light flood your house a giving your home a fresh, clean look.

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Breath Taking Homes

With our sliding glass doors, never has it been so easy to create a masterpiece. Give your home that WOW factor — use glass folding doors.

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Impressive Patios

Our slide and turn frameless folding glass doors can be opened over the entire front and parked as a thin stack on the side creating a hassle-free passage from the inside to the outside or from one room to another.

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Functional Partitions

Give your office or home a clean, modern look with our folding sliding doors. You can easily create private rooms that can be closed for privacy or opened for functions or events.

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Panoramic Views

Our sliding, folding door system offers you a clear, unobstructed, panoramic view.

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Elegant Functionality

Sliding folding doors offer uninterrupted clear views for homes, offices and external structures such as balconies and patios; excellent operational performance and enhanced noise reduction.

Customised Design, Manufactured & Installed

Frameless Folding-Sliding Glass Doors

Majestic Doors stylish frameless glass folding-sliding doors range will instantly give your home that WOW factor that you have been searching for. Folding glass doors are ideal for patio enclosures or indoor braai areas, our frameless sliding doors allow for perfect uninterrupted views and maximum use of light while protecting you from the elements. Majestic Doors can design, build and install your customised sliding glass door system.

Stackable Sliding Doors

Folding-Sliding Glass Doors

Majestic Doors was born out of a need for frameless folding-sliding doors. This sublime glass sliding door is an elegant addition to your modern style home. Our Majestic doors use thick glass panes which are attached to an elaborate runner system which makes opening and closing these doors a breeze.

If you’re are in the market for a high-end finish to your patio, terrace, or if you simply want a clear division between two rooms, then our Majestic glass frameless sliding doors are just what you need.

Creating Beautiful Spaces

Creating Beautiful Spaces

Majestic frameless glass folding-sliding doors are the perfect solution to bringing your outdoors indoors.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

These glass folding-sliding doors are easy to use ‘concertina’ type doors that are very user-friendly.

Patented Aluminium Profiles

Patented Aluminium Profiles

Our glass folding-sliding doors consist of our patented aluminium profiles and are glazed with 8 and 10mm toughened safety glass.

Satin Finishes

Satin Finishes

The hinges and hardware used in our glass sliding doors are satin finished natural anodised aluminium, while the handles are satin-finished stainless steel.

Customised Colours

Customised Colours

The aluminium profiles are custom powder coated to suit each client’s project, typically matching the other windows and doors on your building.

UV Resistant

UV Resistant

Imported UV resistant plastic seals are clamped onto the frameless glass doors to ensure that the installation of our frameless sliding folding doors is weatherproof.

Custom Made

Custom Made

Our custom made frameless glass folding-sliding doors can be manufactured anywhere from 2000mm to 13280mm in height.



Our majestic frameless glass sliding doors are certified weatherproof.

5 Years Warranty

5 Years Warranty

All our Majestic frameless glass sliding doors come with our standard 5 years warranty* to assure you peace of mind.

*Subject to our standard terms & conditions


Frameless Glass Folding Stackable Doors
Stackable Doors
Folding Stackable Doors
Sliding Folding Doors

28 Years of Experience

Bespoke Frameless Glass Folding-Sliding Doors

With over 28 years of manufacturing and installing Bespoke Glass Products for clients, Radiant Glass Concepts has earned its unrivalled position as one of the frameless glass industry leaders in South Africa.

At Majestic Doors, we understand that every home is unique as has its own design, look and feel. It is for this specific reason that we custom make your frameless glass door to reflect your particular requirements.

Stacking Sliding Doors



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