Radiant Glass Concepts was founded in 1991 by the current owner/director, Michiel Thoolen. Initially we were mainly a skylight company and after a few years, Radiant Skylights was considered as a leader in the skylight industry.

A few years later we decided to add other products to our range and after consultation with various regular clients, all of them indicated that there was a gap in the shower market, which was at that time only starting with frameless shower installations and was dominated by two or three companies. We started Radiant Showers and after successful launch of our own Regal Frameless and Supreme Frames showers, we quickly emerged as one of the more reputable shower companies in the shower industry. We managed to use our existing skylight client base and add their shower requirements to our scope of work.

We now had two successful brands in the building industry and after a few years decided to further expand our product range. There was and emerging trend towards frameless sliding stacking and frameless sliding folding doors and we set about designing our own system to accommodate this growing segment of the market. We subsequently launched Majestic frameless sliding folding doors. This is a unique system and is certified weatherproof. We quickly captured a large share of the market and have never looked back.


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